Bye May. Hey June!  What better way to start off the month than with an outfit post? This ensemble takes the Dare To Wear item of May into a third way to wear, with asymmetrical layers. If you come here often then you know I’m a sucker for uneven hems. It’s got a way of complementing my little frame and flatters any body type. Tips + pics below.

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  1. Opt for asymmetrical styles to flatter and elongate your frame. These uneven hems have a way of keeping the eye moving and not chopping you in a weird spot. It’s a style that works on every body type, for real!
  2. Not feeling your most fab? Layer it up. A long tank under a flowy one not only gives some butt coverage, but also makes you feel a little more covered up in the tummy area. I’m not saying you should be trying to hide things, but we all have days where we want to wear something flowy that makes us feel fab even on a fat day.
  3. Long necklaces slim down flowing tops. Afraid you’re wearing too much fabric and that your figure is going to get lost? A long necklace is a quick figure fix. Throw it on and the piece of jewelry brings the top closer to your body to slim you in. Plus the long line elongates. Bam, one accessory with a multitude of flattering features.

Moira Anne Artisan Bracelets

{ LOGO Layers by Lori Goldstein Regular Straight Hem Tank | H&M Asymmetrical Tank Top (old), similar | Assymetrical Vest (old) | Topshop Moto Pants | Sonoma Boots | Marlyn Schiff Antique Gold Statement Necklace | Moira Anne Artisan Bracelets | Giles & Brother Cortina Cuff | Bling Babe Vintage Clutch }

{ Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three weeks in a row. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Each month a new item is featured and will be styled three ways over three weeks. Photos by Audrey Gallagher.

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