“I may be an outfit repeater, but you’re an outfit rememberer.” Anyone else know that quote? It’s from The Lizzie McGuire movie, and I’m proud to say that I’m both a repeater and a remembered. I think every piece I have on in this look has graced this site before. Heck, the whole Dare to Wear series is about repeating pieces. Typically I show one piece, three ways over a three-week span, but if you’ve been counting you’ll notice that we’re actually on look #4, aka a bonus look!

Okay, time to break it down.

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Style Tips

1. Mix & match.This outfit isn’t girly overload thank to the hand chain and vest, so mix and match to balance out styles.

2. Add metal by layering necklaces. My vintage necklaces can look dainty on their own, but layered up adds bulk and somehow makes them look way tougher.

3. Rework what ya got. The top is actually a dress that I did a whole video blog on last year. I’ve worn it on TV, in real life, and am so surprised how much wear I’ve actually gotten from it.

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Shop the Style

Mudd Jean Vest // Kohls (℅)

Motel Rocks Dress //  (℅), a few years old, (similar style).

Skirt // LuLus (℅) (similar, in plaid!)

Shoes // LC Lauren Conrad, Kohls (℅)

Necklaces // Bling Babe

Hand Chain // Melrose Flea

DARE TO WEAR: a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three weeks in a row. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Each month a new item is featured and will be styled three ways over three weeks. Photos by Audrey Gallagher




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