I got my first denim best in kindergarten, but since then I’ve purchased a new one about three years ago and still wear it. But sometimes I’m like … how do I wear this thing?

I know the jean tuxedo look is technically in, but it’s not for me at all (at least right now).

If you’re in the same dilemma and are craving a jean vest but not quite sure how to use it then you are in luck.

Trend: Denim Vest?

Hungry: To wear it more than once!

Tag: MNG by Mango Kathy Denim Vest, Was  $49.90, Now $39.92 at JCPenney.

Now that we’ve got a vest let’s think about ways to wear it.

1. With a dress – maxi, floral and flowy, or even a strapless brightly-colored number,

2. With other shades of denim – colored denim and white are popping up and would really work with this.

3. A shirt – opt for something more loose but I’d go for above the knee so that you don’t look a real hippie.

And the way I tend to wear it is with short khaki shorts. I can’t help it. It’s my go to, but I’m breaking away and will be wearing it with the options listed above. Can’t wait!!

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