Woohoo! This girl right here (typing away on this blog post) is going to be a bridesmaid! It will be a first and I’m pretty darn excited. Not just because I was asked in the cutest way ever, and it really was and I’ll get to that in one sec. More importantly, I’m so honored to have such great friends and want to put the spotlight on one of my favorites & the bride-to-be, Kate.

bridesmaid DIY gift bag

Girls are tough. I’ve got a whole lot of people I’m friendly with but very few people in the inner circle. My Valentine Kate (we ditched our boyfriends a few year years ago for NYFW on heart day) is such a sweetheart who’s chill and creative and awesome and supportive and real and we are just on the same vibe. I love her and couldn’t be more excited for her and to be a part of her big day and life! Like I mentioned, she’s creative and she asked me to be a bridesmaid in the most adorable way, which is what this post is all about. It’s so cute that I wanted to take a picture before even opening it so I could capture how she wrapped it.

Steal the idea, use it as inspiration, or heck, if you want it made for you contact me and I’ll get you in touch with her.

bridesmaid gift bag 1

The card says “I’d be lost without you” and she handmade it with her new calligraphy skills. I’m in awe that this card was DIYed. The glitter name tag, also hand done.

Inside the bag: bubbly (she knows I’ve got a Prosecco weakness), a compass necklace, a cute striped straw, and that super-sweet card.

will you be my bridesmaid gift idea

To DIY it, check out the full blog post Kate composed over at the Widell Designs blog.

Hope this inspires you to let your inner DIY diva come out. It’s a great way to make something feel personal and special and I feel so loved to have received it. So thoughtful! Love ya Kate!! xoxo

Have a creative idea on how to ask your friend to be a bridesmaid? Comment below to share!

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