How fabulous are fresh flowers? So freakin’ fabulous! They add life, beauty, plus a florally-fresh aroma to your space. The only thing is that they have a short shelf life. My solution, break up the bouquet and spread the natural beauty throughout your abode.

DIY floral styling

I like to purchase one bouquet from the grocery store  (usually around $8) and then do some DIY floral styling.  I did spend one winter break during college working at a greenhouse tending to poinsettias (so boring and so freezing).

Floral Styling

By DIY floral styling, I mean that I …

1. Take apart the bouquet.

2. Fill up an eclectic collection of bottles and cups with water (retro glassware and Starkbucks Frappuccino bottles make great mini vases)

3. Cut flowers and place into the various faux vases.

4. Enjoy! Place in different spots in your space (on the bathroom counter, nightstand, kitchen table, hallway, desk, coffee table) or use as decoration for an event. The eclectic and cute arrangements  would look fab as center pieces at a birthday or bridal shower.

floral styling on a budget

So easy! Right? Only eight bucks and multiple floral arrangements to enjoy!

DIY floral style
{ Thanks to my friend Kate Michener for letting us take these pics at her place and for her stylish eye. }

{ Photos by Audrey Gallagher }

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