Lately I’m obsessed with my apartment. It’s been in disarray lately so now it’s time to get organized! This will make getting dressed much easier, which is when I tend to make a mess by trying on numerous outfits before finding the right combo.

Here are a few style tips for storing you wardrobe that will help you spend less and look fabulous! (note: This is not a photography blog)

1. Use an ice-cube tray as a ring holder. It puts those big cocktail rings and even earrings on display while staying organized. I got my tray from the grocery store forever ago, so not sure of the price, but had to have been under $5.00.

2. Use old candle holders for storage. These were from a set of my mom’s from at least ten years ago. Soak with hot water to loosen candle remain and scrape out with a butter knife. It’s easy access for my makeup brushes and hair ties. Mason jars will work just as well.


3. Save shoe boxes. Okay, I actually throw these away asap since they take up so much room, but this box from over-the-knee boots is perfect for scarves. I have a little shelf in my closet and keep the box open. This makes accessorizing so fast!

When you can see what you own, you’ll utilize what you have. This means more outfit combos and less shopping. I’m already feeling more put together. Hope these few tricks make getting dressed easier!! Facebook me, tweet, or subscribe!

P.S. Other than apartment obsessing, I’m trying out a self tanner by the cult fave St. Tropez. Will be writing a review once I give it a few more days.




Great tips! I am getting ready to downsize and am panicked about space..these ideas help!


I’m in a one bedroom wth my boyfriend. Get wide plastic drawers for your closet and add shelves. At first we shared one dresser! So we def utilize our closet space. I’m also buying a big pic frame, adding cork board, covering with fabric, then adding hooks for long necklaces. 🙂


I try hard to recycle containers to help keep me organized. One of my favorite freebies are plastic zippered pouches in which new sheets arrive. I use them to store my knee hi socks. I also reuse christening/ shower/ wedding party favors (when possible) that can serve as ornate little storage containers for safety pins or extra buttons that always come with new clothing so I can find them easily for quick repairs. I also reuse little tin containers after eating the nuts or candies. They are perfect for housing the freebie perfume samples I often get when buying make up. I hope more of your readers share their ideas for storage. Thanks for your great tips!

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