Borders is going out of business. I’m extremely sad over this. I loved Borders. They had great coffee (overpriced) and allowed me to read magazines I didn’t have subscriptions to.

Let’s face it. People don’t read. They skim. I do it. You do it. You’re probably doing it right now, which is why I write short. Borders was my pitstop for knowledge where I could read the backs of books and feel slightly informed. ¬†People like me that only browsed is likely why they’re going out of the biz, but there is one benefit. Books are on SALE. Everything must go!!

Here’s my fashion book pick. I got it on sale back when a different Border’s was going out.

Tag: The One Hundred by Nina Garcia, price not listed online for Borders but it’s $14.95 on Amazon.

Incase you didn’t know, Nina Garcia is a big-freaking deal. She’s the fashion editor for Marie Claire magazine ( my fave!!), a judge on project runway, and a stylish woman.

The book gives the 411 on the 100 pieces every stylish woman must own. It even says it on the cover, but it’s really true. It gives a little history about how pieces came about, what famous people wear them, and tips for everyday wear. It really is a must for the fashionable female. I use it as a reference book, perfect for the nonreader.

Have you read it? Are you a fan? It was a New York Times Bestseller. Join the convo by leaving a comment, heading to the Facebook page, or tweeting me!

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