As I write this post it’s over 63 degrees out here in the Philadelphia area. It’s practically mid December and was colder when we actually shot these photos in early November. Obviously the weather is a little wacky lately. That’s why I dress in layers.

True story: my dad is who taught me to dress in layers. He’ll wear long underwear under his jeans as soon as it starts getting cold (can you blame him? I loathe cold denim on my legs), though I doubt he has had to break them out yet. He’s also a skier (used to tour around ski racing before training kids how to race for pretty much my whole life), so for him it’s all about function.

how to layer your sweater

Function meets fashion. You can always take a layer off (that’s pretty much a direct quote) and it’s true. Not only is it true, it also has been a little factoid I keep with me and has saved me from the finicky temps we encounter everywhere. Everywhere. The grocery store is practically the most freezing place on Earth. I literally add layers before going in or else I know my shopping trip will be in vain. When I’m a comfortable temp I’m much happier and so layering is pretty much a way of life now. Okay, on to three looks styled with the same fabulous sweater. Full posts featuring more pics, style tips, and outfit info linked below.

ripped jeans outfit idea

{ Style Tip } Dress up ripped jeans with heels. 

philly fall fashion Logo by Lori Goldstein Space Dye Zip Cardigan

fur vest styling

{ Style Tip } Layer a furry vest over a cardigan. I am all about layering (plus I’m always cold) and the sweater/vest combo keeps your core warm and arms free to move around. This is the kind of layered look that’s ideal for shopping, as I like to avoid carrying a coat while perusing potential holiday gifts. Haddonfield NJ style blog How to wear a furry vest

LOGO by Lori Goldstein cardigan

 { Style Tip } Two sweaters are warmer than one. As much as I want to be warm, I kind of hate big bulky jackets so opt to layer up with two sweaters and skipped the winter coat.

Haddonfield style blog photoshoot Philly fashion blog photoshoot

Click for full posts, including outfit details + style tips. —> { Two Sweaters Are Warmer Than One } { Furry Vest + OTN Boots } { Ripped Jeans + Space Dye }

Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three ways. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Photos by Audrey Gallagher.

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