Get your glow on, girl! My most recent radio segment was all about snagging a tan sans sun and fake baking (both are bad and NOT on trend).

All the celebs, minus Jersey Shore, use fake tanner to get a bronze bod. The brand of choice is St. Tropez. Guiliana Rancic uses it and I too, LOVE it!


The step to the perfect faux glow.

1. Exfoliate. Dry skin = uneven tan. Get an exfoliant, use a wash cloth, and scrub your bod. Smooth skin makes your tan look smooth too.

2. Get gloves. I had to earn the hard way. If you don’t wear latex or plastic gloves you will get Cheeto hands. It takes a lot of scrubbing to rid this, so just wear gloves to save yourself.

3.Pick your potion. Like I said St. Tropez is my brand of choice, but there are many other brands out there. If you’re intimidated, opt for a gradual tanning lotion like Jergens or Nivea. Both are at the drugstore and hard to mess up.

4. Teach yourself.  You don’t want to be orange or streaky, so watch tutorials. Here’s the one I watched that help me faux glow.

5. Lotion. Lotion. Lotion. Keep your tan looking good by staying moisturized. It will help you tan stay and it will prevent your dry areas (knees, elbows, ankles) from getting orange and streaky.

6. Show off your glow! Work it girl! If all of this is too much time, work, or too intimidating, just add some bronzer to your face and call it a day.


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