I’ve been stocking up on summer styles lately and have been slaying it in snagging serious sales. First my visit to Shoe Carnival (giving away FREE SHOES tomorrow, stay tuned!!) and then my trip to the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale. I was fortunate enough to score a pass to the friends & family day, which is the day before it opens to the public. That meant less crazy lines, more items to choose from (nothing was picked through yet!), and an additional 25% off! I paid more for my Lilly for Target jumpsuit than what I paid for most of the pieces I purchased.

I met my friend there an hour before the doors opened, and of course people were already lining up. I chugged my chai tea, walked over to meet my friend in my all-black outfit and started planning out what we wanted to shop for.

{ On my list } fun dresses, the more budget-friendly the better.

Lilly Pulitzer Sample Sale

{ What I wore } leggings, easy on-off sandals, a tank top, hoodie and a cross-body purse. My friend told me to be prepared to try things on over my clothes, though I ended up using the dressing room area instead.

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale

{ What I got } five dresses (the yellow and pink dress was marked down to only $15!), two tops, printed pants, an iPad case, and a tiny cross-body bag.  I’m in love with all the pieces, but did grab the accessories to give as gifts. Someone I know is in for a special treat from Lilly.

{ What I spent } $255.14. For ten new things! Not bad, not bad at all. Crazy good actually!

{ Why the great prices? } I was asking myself the same thing. Some items have little flaws. The white Chrissy dress says it has a stain on it, but I can’t find it. Also, the pink striped dress (currently in stores this season) has small tear at the seam — super easy to fix. For the most part everything looks pretty perfect. I came home and steamed everything and have already been finding excuses to wear. The maxi dress is so darn comfy, I already know I’m going to live in it.


{ No pictures, please } As you can see by my picture of the waiver, photos inside the sale were totally prohibited.

You sign your form. They give you a HUGE tote to stock your finds in (after twenty minutes in everyone is dragging their bags and knocking into you with it) and then you’re allowed to run free to whatever section you desire. For me, that was the $15, $20 & $30 bins.

There’s a lot, and I mean a lot, to choose from. There’s everything from bathing suits to fleece zip-ups and various sizes, though most of the special pieces were smaller sizes. And it wouldn’t be a sample sale without unique sample pieces. In the mix were some special items that didn’t make it into stores. The pieces hanging weren’t quite as reduced as in the bins, but still far from the full price.

Shopping the day before def had its perks. I saw on Philly Mag‘s blog Shoppist that Lilly lovers camped out to score these marked-down goods. That’s dedication.

Thanks to my friend Casey & her lady Brittany for sharing a pass with me. I know they are like golden tickets to Will Wonka’s, but better so am glad I go to experience it and score some really cute clothes!

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