Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a really good pair of jeans? I’m talking the kind of jeans that fit your body just right, look good all year round, and make getting dressed effortless? Dare to dream! Every girl needs a pair of jeans that makes her feel like she can take on the world, and if you’re looking for a splurge that’s still within reach, then you’ve come to the right place.

Beyonce level 99 jeans

Yes, fore we too, have longed for a pair of jeans that we love, want to wear daily, and make us feel luxe minus the lofty price. And that’s why we’re thrilled to tell you that Level 99 denim is this Friday’s Find. They’re quality denim. Also, Beyonce wears the brand, as seen on her Tumblr.

The Queen B.’s pair are a little more trendy and also a little spendy, at $150. But, the whole reason this blog post even exists is because Level 99 is up there in terms of denim, but can still be bought for under $100. In fact, Amazon.com has Beyonce’s jeans for $74. Amazon is starting to become a Trend Hungry hot spot – seriously good deals!

Beyonce level 99 jeans

Here’s the breakdown of the denim:

42% Lyocell/33% Cotton/15% Rayon/9% Polyester/1% Spandex
Dry Clean Only
Clear Coating on surface of fabric
Fabric has a lace print
Made in US

Okay, these jeans may not be the most versatile for that price. Dry clean only, plus a print means these are a once every so often item to wear. Like we said, Level 99 makes fabulous denim in the US and you can score a versatile pair for under $100. Okay, on to our finds!



What pair suits your style?

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