I’m all about the brights right now, and nails are no exception. Cut those nails down, add a neon hue, and flash me those digits! But, did you know it’s illegal?!?!?

I was just reading on Shefinds that neon hues are illegal to make in the US, so the colors we think are neon are just bright … but not neon?!? Or they’re made somewhere else.I wonder what the stance is on glow in the dark polishes.


Whatever, I still want the look for less. Katy Perry like yellow. Rihanna rocks orange. And I want pink, no wait, green, no wait, blue. I want them all!


Tag: Yellow, $2.80 at Forever 21. Orange, $2.80 at Forever 21.Green, $5.50 at Delia’s. Pink, $5.50 at Delia’s.

And here are more neon-ish hues for the skinny-budget beauty!

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