Hats! Hats! HATS! I tend to write these blog posts after downing an organic coffee doused with Sugar In The Raw and skim milk. And I tend to write about items I’m craving at the moment, hence the excitement.

A couple weeks ago I got to hang out with some UK bloggers and guide them around King of Prussia Mall and talk fashion (I love my job!) and one thing’s for sure, these ladies know how to pull off  a brimmed hat with ease. I too want that effortlessly-cool style.


Got to lunch and shop with these lovely UK ladies today! Follow @shewearsfashion (I’m wearing her hat!) & @clothes_maiden!! @kop_mall #phillystyle #fashionbloggers

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Fall can mean windy weather messing with your mane or simply being too chilly in the morning to spring out of bed to tame your tresses. The quick fix, a hat, darling!  Hats require no time, no hairstyling skills, and bonus, many keep your head warm — all wins in my book.

You know what I decided to do? Online window shop to find the best hats for fall under $40. Why spend more when you don’t have to?


{Shop It} Collection XIIX Simple Floppy, $32.00 $23.99 at Macy’s // Claris Wool Floppy Hat Rust, $28.48 at Missguided // Alaga Fedora, $24.68 at Missguided // August Hat Feather Trim Floppy Felt Fedora, $38.00 at Nordstrom


Like these styles? Comment below and share your fave or tweet me @JessieHoleva. <3

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I adore that Nordstrom hat!!!!

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