By Kelsey

The most-talked-about shoe of the season is also a shoe you have to see to believe. These shoes will give your style an individual look and everyone you meet will definitely be looking at your feet. The heel-less shoe has been spotted on the runway and on celebrities, so is this trend here to stay?  I know fashion is an ever-changing form of art, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve turned into my mother by thinking “these shoes are not practical.” A shoe without a heel, well they are certainly interesting to look at, but that’s about it.

When would you wear this shoe?For a night on the town? No, not unless you have insane balance control. To the bar with your friends? 100% no, these shoes and alcohol DO NOT mix. At home sitting on your couch? Yes, almost no chance of injury. Yes, we’ve seen celebs like  like Victoria BeckhamNicole Scherzinger, Lady GaGa and Lucy Hale stand tall in these shoes, but are they really worth the tough time walking? Heel-less shoes

1. Neon $42.00 $27.95 (Go Jane) // 2. Cream $47.50 (Charlotte Russe // 3. Blue $47.50 (Charlotte Russe)  //4.  Spikey $42.90 $28.95 (Go Jane)

There are far better ways to look glamorous with zero chance of bodily harm. So if you’re clumsy, or don’t wear heels that often, I’d sit this trend out. Don’t feel too bad, along with its unpractical look, I believe they are absolutely hideous. Let’s hope this “trend” turns into a fad and disappears as quickly as bedazzled trucker hats.

Are you bold enough to try this trend,? Take a look at a few heel-less shoes we’ve recommended. Good luck walking gracefully in ’em!

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it’s 50/50 for me…I don’t think that these shoes will be a classical ones in future and we all should understand that designers should impress the audience and don’t even know whst to do in shoe design

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