Is it me, or is the rest of the world obsessed with Instagram too?!? It’s by far my favorite social media (for now) and thanks to the fashionable people I follow it’s kinda how I stay up on what’s going on. My favorite accounts remind me when the next designer collaboration is launching, or that I need to go to Target for new spring shoes. So who do I follow? Here are  the top 7 Instagrammers through the eyes of Trend Hungry. Let’s go!

1. Fashionista_com

Karlie Kloss backstage at Burberry, taken on Fashionista_com Instagram

I get an inside look of the events I couldn’t make it to and the ones I wasn’t invited to. They show pics from backstage fashion shows, parties, and day-in-the life on fashion is NYC.

2. Budgetbabe

budgetbabe instagram

This blogger that paved the way for budget fashion gives us the right balance of fashion, food, and life. I get to see what she’s eating, shopping for, and products that are on her radar. Plus, you know I’ve got a weakness for being fabulous on a budget.

Speaking of being fabulous on a budget…

Here’s a two-fer. It’s the bloggers behind

3. Fabmarydarling & Fableahashley

fabdarling & fableahashley instagrams

The besties and biz partners in blogging are fun and ultra fab! They snap behind-the-scenes pics of their various web series, along with fashion finds, decor ideas, and of course, cute outfits! They’ve even guest blogged for TH!

4. Thepinkdiary

thepinkdiary on Instagram

She’s the queen of Instagram giveaways and all the pics and prizes are things my inner shopaholic wants, badly!

5. Chiaraferragni

chiaraferragni instagram

She travels a ton, has model good looks, and snaps a ton of high-quality pics. How can’t you be a fan?

6. Katespadeny

katespadeny instagram

 They may not be budget, but Kate Spade sure is fabulous!! Fun & classy prints with the right pop of color add a little inspiration in my Instagram stream!


7. Ppfgirl 

ppfgirl instagram

Giveaways, great style, and lots of outfit shots from her perspective makes this blogger one Instagrammer Goddesses!

Who do you follow that’s fashionable? Comment below!

P.S. We’d like to this our Instagram is pretty fab! Follow at @trendhungryblog!

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