It’s a scarf that’s sewn into a circle, there’s no end – hence infinity. I like the classic look which is pretty streamlined, but a lot of stores and celebs are showing it off in a shaggy look too.

Celeb Sightings: The Kardashian Clan, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Alba love these scarves. But Halle Berry makes the shaggy look freaking amazing!

Tag: Circle Scarf, $28.00 at American Apparel.

Take Note: Comes in 76 colors/varieties!!!

So easy to wear! Just throw around your neck and loop depending on the how short or long you’d like it to look. Charlotte Russe has one for under $10, but my personal favorites are from American Apparel. They’ve got one that expands. Use it as a blanket when you’re traveling. It’s $28, but will give you more mileage and you’ll have it forever.

It’s super versatile and SO FREAKING COOL! Excuse me while I stop blogging and go buy it!

XO, Jessie

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