First, let me just say that this blog is not a “haul” area, where I simply show what I bought.   But, my first JCPenney “fair and square” experience is SO worth sharing!

JCP is not just for your mom or Christmas pajamas. They’re totally revamping – more diffusion lines, simple-chic ads, and way less math in order to save a buck. The sales are simple, labeled, and the MNG by Mango jewelry I’ve been eying since the fall finally went on sale!!

Snagged two bangles, a long necklace, and futuristic earrings for $16.00 … TOTAL!

I’ve always been a JCP girl. Got all my school clothes there. Even my first interview blazer was snagged there. Watched the JCP evolution and love where it’s going. Their exclusive lines  ( I ‘Heart’ Ronson, Olsenboye, MNG by Mango) are becoming my go-to brands and this simple-chic pricing is perfect. No longer do I feel the need to go with my mathematic mom and coupons in tow for the best deals.

Tags: MNG by Mango Spike Earrings, $10.00 online, $4.00 in store.

MNG by Mango Long-Bead Necklace, Orig $30.00,  $24.00 online, $6.00 in store.

MNG by Mango  Bangles, not currently online, $6.00 in store.

So have you been to JCP lately? Dish your shopping deets below!



Love the bold designs on the bangles!

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