I cannot escape Kim Kardashian. She and her sisters pretty much rule the world and one of my favorite channels, E!. Recently she was in the first 3D magazine, released a line a Sears, and today is her wedding day. This chick tires me out. I can’t watch tv or read a mag without Kim K. turning up. I’m not knocking her, I’m just wondering how to get a career like that. At least I can dress like her thank to the Kashdashian & Sears collaboration.

Dear Sears, Thank you for finally carrying amazing clothes. First teaming up with French Connection and now the Kardashian empire. I see your stock rising, Sears!

This pic is of the lovely ladies decked out in their brand’s attire at the launch party. They’re walking billboards and it makes me want to buy! There’s a 30% off code right now!!

The line has lots of leopard and I’m so craving leopard right now, for realio!

Tags: Kardashian Kollection available at Sears.

Kylie’s Dress – $99.00.

Khloes’s Blazer – $96.00.

Kourtney’s Shirt – $96.00 , skirt – $68.00.

Kim’s Romper ¬†– $99.00.

Kendall’s Dress – $99.00.

The dresses are pretty fabulous. The handbags… ehh.. cheap looking and not too special.

The shoes are cute. But the jewelry, the jewelry is fashionable and def perfect for a skinny budget.

Check out this ring!

Tag: Kardashian Kollection Acrylic Ring With Metal Medallion Faceted Stones And Pearl Cabochon Center, $20.00 at Sears.

Take Note: Promo code is KARDASHIAN. It’ll get ya 30% off you skinny budget style maven, you!!



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