Is Kendall Jenner the new  “it” model on the scene? She is looking more grown up, dressing more chic, and has been spotted asll over New York & London Fashion Week.  She’s taking over the fashion scene (hello, did you see her walking the runway is a sheer shirt?) and positioning herself quite well. Just this past weekend Jenner wore an all-black ensemble while attending the Topshop Unique at  London Fashion Week. Oh and she was sitting next to Anna Wintour!

Looks like she is doing her thang and also reminding us that black always looks cool. Here’s a few reasons why wearing all-black everything is a good move.


1. Black is slimming.

2. Black is cool. I know this lists sounds like it’s written by a first grader, but seriously – wearing all black just looks cool.

3. Labels don’t matter. Yeah, you don’t have to spend to get this trend. Any black will do, as long as it’s in good condition and not too faded.

4. Easy to accessorize. Go gold, silver, sparkly, dainty, bold, whatever you’re digging.

5. Perfect in a pinch. Not sure what the attire is for where you’re going or forget to plan an outfit entirely. A few place pieces are bound to match.

Add coolness to your all-black outfit by adding leather (we prefer faux).

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Kendall’s style is SO great. You can never go wrong with this look!

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