Looking to get your nails in the spooky spirit of Halloween? You don’t have to be a nail artist or ultra skilled in polish painting to snag the style. Here are three simple and affordable ways to decorate your digits for Halloween that require no skill but will bring in the compliments.

1. {Sally Hansen Salon Effectst}  they’re easy to apply, require no dry time, and look far more intricate than any free-hand design. The design pictured glow in the dark!


{image via}

2. {Skull Nail Stickers} the skulls are so cute that you probably wear when ever, but they’re especially fitting for the Halloween season. Apply to polished nails then add a clear topcoat to seal the deal.


3. {imPress-On Nails} press-on nails have done a long way. It looks like you went and got a fresh manicure when all you did was stick some fake nails on top of your own. Quick, easy, and great for the lazy glam girl.


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