I’m a woman who dabbles. In addition to typing this blog, styling, jewelry curating, and talking trends on TV and radio, I also write for The Fashion Spot. It was a daily read of mine long before I was fortunate enough to join their team of contributors. I often share my tFS posts on Twitter, but thought I’d link to some recent ones here too. Hope you like!

1. Selfie Style: Stars Show Off Their Fall Best on Instagram

solange-fall-fashion {image via}

2. 11 Pinterest Hair Tutorials You Need to Try

easy-hair-tutorials {image via}

3. Where to Shop: 9 Fall Fashion Essentials


4. Eat Pretty: 3 Things to Add to Your Diet for Beautiful Results

eat-pretty {image via}

5. 7 Summer Styles You Can Wear All Fall




These are great links!!! Thank you so much for posting them.



this is a nice selfie show on instagram

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