A couple weeks ago, we went over a few basics to one of the hottest trends for fall, mixing prints. This is one trend you want to enter into slowly, to ensure you don’t accidentally go too far and land a spot on the worst dressed list! The last lesson showed you to start trying the trend by mixing one loud print with one on the subtle side – that way the subtle print acts as a neutral and allows the bolder print to stand center stage (prints competing makes you look like a war zone).  Now, it’s time to take it a step further, and you can’t go wrong with this next lesson. Ya ready? Here goes! Stay in the same color family.


Think we’re crazy? Well, it really works and will make the print-pairing process a piece of cake. These two outfits below work  because the garments are paired with something close in color.


how to mix prints


Red:  BKE Striped Tank $21.00 ( Buckle)  / Model Captain Skirt  $42.99 ( ModCloth)
Blue: Scoop Neck Top $23.99  (Romwe) / Floral Tiered Woven Skirt $42.50 $17.00 (Aeropostale)

Teal: Teal & Leopard Top $21.00 ( Glamourous UK) /   Candie’s Polka Dot Skirt $28 $14.50 (Kohl’s)

Tan:Chiffon Polka-Dot Blouse $21.00 (Romwe) /Motel Rocks High-Low Skirt  $66.00  ( Motel Rocks)


Are you into mixing prints or think this is just way too wild? Comment below and check out lesson one here!



LOVE how you suggested the styling. They’re all amazing.


Your lesson one was great because I just did a post on it on my blog…http://www.iheartclearance.com/2012/08/fashion-friday-pairing-my-kids-prints.html and apparently just from the first lesson I advanced into lesson two with out knowing. LOL.. Can’t wait for lesson three, but I will use this post to validate my pairing choices to my 13 year old so she can be more confident doing it. Thanks

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