No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you and yes that headline speaks the truth. I’ve scored Sephora by OPI nail polishes that usually sell for around $15, for under $2 — talk about a good deal! In fact I’ve scored a lot of beauty products, among other things, in the past for a lot less than what they normally retail for thanks to this place.

So where is it that I score such deals? Big Lots! Have you shopped there before? It’s one of those stores that has much more than you’d think with a price that’s nice.

Big Lots is a budget-friendly retailer and there I’ve also bought a table and chairs, a mirror, makeup, a headboard, and probably lots of of other little things I’m not forgetting about. Items vary by the location and selection is always changing, especially in the beauty isle.


As for these hues, I’m quite happy to have three nice neutrals for less than half of what one would cost. The names are pretty great too: I Only Shop Vintage, Queen Of Everything, Already Famous

{ Photo credit: Audrey Gallagher Photography }




Here I am… now looking for a Big Lots location near me!


Any luck? Happy shopping!

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