If you follow Katy Perry’s style, then you know she’s all about the digits – AKA her nails! That’s probably why she partnered with OPI to make a line of polishes. Like Justin Bieber’s line (yes, Justin Bieber had a nail line), each of the four colors are named after  her new songs.

Each shade has shimmer, just like the star, but the standout shades are Teenage Dream – a bubble-gum pink glitter explosion and Last Friday Night,  which is also glitter central but in electric blue. If that’s not enough for your mani/pedi, add design with OPI’s Black Shatter. It’s a black coat that creates a crackle effect. All you do is swipe it over your color of choice and watch it crack. Add a shiny topcoat and you’ve got nails just like Katy Perry…

…or like Katy’s Perry’s mom, pictured below. (stole it off @katyperry‘s twitpics)

Perry’s mamasita is rocking Teenage Dream with Black Shatter on top.

Okay, these colors aren’t at every salon/store OPI is sold. They’re a little more hard to find, since they’re a haute item, but I got them on a skinny budget on Amazon. For the mini set (includes the  four colors pictured above, not black shatter) it’s $8.95 plus shipping $2.95. There’s a good deal going on for a kit that includes five full-size bottles for only $41.00 also on Amazon – technically a better deal than the mini kit and wishing I waited for this deal.

Take Note: The minis are tiny, but it’s the cheapest way to get a sample of all four colors and trust me, you want all four! The bottles may be mini but the brushes works really well and these colors go on smooth. Honestly, I was super excited to wear the two sparkliest shades (work great, but can’t skimp with only one coat), but now I’ve graduated onto the other shades.

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