With one month of 2014 officially under our belts, our resolutions are starting to seem like vague suggestions. If you’ve given up your gym rat title and succumbed to the Girl Scout Cookies, or if you continue to happy hour more than you intended (yes, we used happy hour as a verb), you still have the time to commit to some new beauty products. Here’s the latest and greatest new beauty products from the drugstore – affordable, easy, and

Here’s a list of my top new products for 2014 you’ll really be able to stick to:

1. John Frieda Luminous Brilliant Brunette Color Glaze, $8.99.

image via JohnFrieda.com

This new glaze adds a bit of brown color and maximum shine for us brunettes looking for a little color pick-me-up. John Frieda also offers a clear glaze for all hair colors that offers the same satiny texture and shine, but without the added color boost.

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