Ombre  is sweeping Hollywood’s hair, nails, and outfits. Think of a child’s hair. From playing out in the sun, it creates a natural fade in the color and the ends are lighter. We grownups (and us faux grownups too) want that color-fade look too.

The fab thing about ombre for your hair is that you’re actually saving money in the long run because it means less roots growing in. The con is I wouldn’t try this at home.

A DIY manicure, however, is easy to achieve and creates an attention-grabbing effect.

There’s two ombre manicures to try.

1. Shady Lady – as seen on Jeanie Mai & Lauren Conrad.

Pick a color palette and use 3-5 different shades and use a different one on each nail to create a gradual color fade. Repeat pattern until all ten nails are polished. Add a second coat for the perfect finish as well as a top coat. Bam! That was way easy.

Linda D. of's mani

2. Glitter Girl

Start with a traditional manicure (two coats of your preferred color). With your choice of glitter nail polish, begin adding glitter to the tips using tiny strokes (make sure your brush isn’t clumpy or too wet). Once tip of nail is gilttered, begin making strokes beginning at the center of the nail using less pressure. Repeat on all nails. Allow dry time and add a clear topcoat.

My Glitter Ombre

Tag: Confetti’s Blue Bombshell, $1.99 at CVS.

The glitter was an old shade I had from Wet n Wild. Any thin glitter should do the trick. I don’t recommend a chunky shade.

Would you DIY? Comment below!


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