Fall is for real my fave season. I love the September issue of every mag, the layered look, and all the new tv shows!!! There are so many on my TiVo, if I had TiVo, but I don’t so I have watch when they’re on, on demand,  or online.  A major reason I love the shows are for the styles and my newest inspiration comes from ABC’s PAN AM. It’s all about the sexy style on the stewardesses of the airline in the early ’60s. They make blue look good and this color is now everywhere.

Mark my words, this is going to do for blue what Mad Men did for red lips. Doesn’t Christina Ricci look fabulous!?!

My PAN-AM blue of choice? These pumps via Forever 21.

Tag: Patent Leatherette Pumps, $16.80 at Forever 21.

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