It’s almost the 4th of July and it’s an excuse to dress patriotic. Love nautical stripes and red and white polka dot dresses, but right now I’m feeling something a little more casual. It’s a shore weekend so a breezy tank will work perfectly over a bikini.

Trend: Flags & Fringe

Hungry: Old Glory Fringe Top

Tag: $13.80 at Forever 21.

Wear with cutoff jean shorts, super-skinny jeans or sans pants and rock it over a bathing suit.



Oh my goodness, SO CUTE! And it’s a great way to display patriotism without the terrible red, white and blue combo. I’m sorry, but those colors just look tacky when they’re all on one article of clothing!


So happy you like! Yeah, love dressing for holidays but not looking cheesy. This shirt can be worn much more often than a typical fourth of July shirt. Thanks for reading!!

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