When on a skinny budget it’s important to find pieces that you’ll get lots of wear out of – more than one season, more than one way to wear, and more than one trend. This $30.00 clutch has those seductive qualities I look for in an accessory.

Tag: Basenj, $30.00 at Aldo.

It’s timeless – when are polka dots not in style? It’s versatile -daywear or nighttime chic. It’s an envelope bag – big trend, and covered in a classic pattern that everyone from Mrs.Obama to Lucille Ball make trend worthy year after year.

So how would you wear this crave-able clutch? With jeans? A sundress? To the office? Leave a comment to share your stylish perspective!!



I totally love this clutch, great pick. Sometimes Aldo just gets it with the purses.


Thanks! It reminds me of Lucy Ball, Minnie Mouse and Mrs.Obama – three of my style icons.
Did you see the other polka dot bags Aldo has?


I can see why this accessory is a good buy. Its colour combination is just so versatile, you’d be able to match this with so many outfits. My main concern is trying to get the clutch co-coordinating with my accessories which are generally gold or silver (a little basic, I know) but the brown trip means it would go with all the gold/brown clothes and the black and white would make it look good with silver. It’s a winner from me and yes as you said, when do polka dots really go out of fashion. Plus now that they’ve made a comeback on the catwalk, people in retail jobs are going to be bombarded with polka dot clothes.

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