Some may think it’s weird, but I’ve been on the hunt for a pouch necklace for quite some time, and of course, I discovered my skinny budget gem while least expecting it and it was way less than I was willing to spend. I’m clearly an addict because this find gave me such a rush. Hope you like this trend as much as me.

You may ask: “But what is the purpose? It fits practically nothing.”

My response: “It looks cool and it’s unique, not every girl will be wearing it.”

You: “But what do you store in it?”

Me: “I opt for fortunes from fortune cookies. Try a picture, a stone, a lucky penny, or note. It’s the modern-day locket.”

So where did I snag it on the skinny? Pilani’s in Atlantic City. $5.00! Yeah, that’s right. If Pilani’s ain’t an option look at my skinny-budget beauties for the online-shopping lover.

Tag: Bronze white blue Beaded Amulet medicine pouch Necklace, $9.95 on eBay.

Take Note: This eBay user has tons more in different designs, but hurry. It’s eBay so it won’t be around forever!!

Tag: Carved Metal Purse Necklace, $3.99 at Etsy.

Take Note: It’s Etsy, so it’s like eBay and has independent sellers.

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I have a suede one from F21 and I’m in love with it … even if I could probably only put a quarter in there!

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