So I just found myself on Philadelphia Style Magazine’s blog. The article: “How to Wear This Season’s Boldest  Lip Colors.” The picture they featured of me was from a recent outfit post (I need to remember to wear that vest more!) that I shared on Instagram. It was a cool surprise to see myself in an article that I clicked on to read, but that wasn’t the coolest part.

They guessed my exact lip shade! Mind. Blown. Yup, the color the writer recommended to get the look was in fact the one I was wearing! The shade, you ask?  It’s Smashbox Infrared Matte Legendary Lipstick.

I grabbed my makeup bag to double check and yup, spot on, and just in time. I especially love this lip shade as we move into the holiday season.

Fall fashion tips

Three reasons to love a red lip …

1. They make your teeth look whiter. For real! And if you got a shade you don’t love then you can return it. Look for a red with a blue undertone.

2. It adds color. A red lip can literally take you from feeling plain to positively glam. Did you go light on the eyes and cheeks? Then a simple red lip can liven up the complexion and break up a neutral outfit.

3. It dresses you up. I especially enjoy a red lip on bad hair days. The color makes it look like you put in some effort and draws attention to the smile, perfect for holiday gatherings and celebrations.

{ Photo by Audrey Gallagher. }

Thanks Philly Style for the mention! Scroll though the showroom below for some more red lip colors I’m fond of.  Have a favorite red lip shade you want to share? Comment below or tweet me @JessieHoleva.

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