Let’s get some questions and answers up in here. Jess Levin from Carats & Cake is here to answer some of our burning questions for the trendsetting entrepreneur! If you haven’t heard of Jess yet, read on and you’ll be hooked on her wedding style advice and cool business concept! Read on. – Jessie

carats and cake

1.     I understand Carats and Cake was born after you witnessed your friend have difficulty planning her wedding. Tell us about why you started Carats & Cake.

I was sitting in a business school lecture discussing De Beers, the diamond company, when I first started thinking about the wedding space (of course a lecture on diamonds naturally leads one to think about weddings!). After spending a few months researching the industry (and yes hearing some of my newly engaged friends complain about the process), I realized that there was an opportunity to deliver a better way to connect aspirational brides directly with high-end local vendors.

2.     What makes Carats and Cake stand out from all the other wedding planning sites and apps?

Carats & Cake is a resource that allows brides-to-be to go beyond inspiration by providing direct access to local vendors reviewed by recently married couples. Carats & Cake now has the largest high-end vendor database and is the only resource where you can see real weddings directly tagged with real vendors and their reviews all in one place.

3.     Does your site appeal to budget friendly brides? If so, how?

At Carats & Cake, it’s more about taste than cost. Our weddings are definitely at the high-end of the market, but we have everything from the stunning back yard bash to the over top elegant affair. Our goal is to empower our brides by making sure that we are providing unfiltered access to information so that they can turn their inspiration into reality and make the right decision based on their unique needs and vision.

4.     What advice would you give to brides who want to create a dynamic wedding on a budget?

Prioritize. Make a list of the things that are important to you and rank them. Splurge on the things that matter and figure out how to save with things that don’t. Obsessing over a designer dress? Then see if a friend can make you an amazing play list so you don’t have to pay for a DJ. A flower aficionado? Make sure your florist can re-use flowers from the ceremony in the reception.

5.     What are some popular wedding trends can we expect to see?

It’s all about personalization at the moment, from signature cocktails to alternative desserts, and I think this trend will only get bigger as more couples want their celebrations to really capture their essence as opposed to subscribe to traditional norms. I am most excited to see this play out in regards to wedding dresses. A lot of designers have been showing color and we love the blushes and greys that are making their way mainstream.

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