Hello & Happy Easter!! This is month #2 of an Instagram roundup, and I gotta say this is so good my self esteem! It’s so easy to sweat the small stuff, but by reminding yourself of all the fabulous things you’ve done will put you back in your happy place and ready to tackle another month! At the very least, this is an awesome self-esteem exercise so expect to see one of these posts at the end of every month! insta mar3
insta mar2
insta march

Okay, so why was March so freakin’ fantastic? Here’s why in no particular order.

I made my QVC debut! I’m now one of their on-air style experts and can’t wait to be on again soon! Not kidding, I’ve wanted to be on QVC since being a kid!

Shot 10 successful segments with eHow at Nich Boutique. In addition to 10 segs, I had 10 outfit changes using ah-mazing pieces from the boutique! I’ll post vids once up, but here’s the link to past vids I did with them.

Had a jam-packed day in NYC. Had meetings, visited showrooms, attended the Chinese Laundry preview, and got to see some of my fave ppl in the mean time.

Visited NEPA (home!) and had happy hour with my pops. The strawberry margarita was heaven!

I got down to biz and worked on a new business plan for moi. Lots of good things in the Trend Hungry future, so stay tuned!!

Hosted a major event with some fellow Philly FABBies at Diesel! We only gave away tickets to COACHELLA, nbd.

Took the subway for the first time. I know, crazy!

Ate rice-less sushi. Pretty good!

Wore my vintage fur (got for $25 a couple years ago) to a Murder Mystery dinner date to celebrate my Birthday (I’m 25!). How cute is my boyfriend? And how annoying was it that the whole night I got picked on about wearing fur? It’s vintage, jeez!

Rocked hot pick lips. Thanks Make for the bright beautiful shade!

Got a new favorite pair of shoes care of Nine West. (look for these on the blog soon!)

Debuted rebranding on Facebook & more will be coming soon to the rest of Trend Hungry social media!

Got Shashified! Shashi gifted me a ton of awesome pieces that are budget friendly. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wears them. Just sayin.

Speaking of jewelry, those hoop earrings are part of the Giles & Brother collab with Jewelmint, designer on a budget!


Want to follow the fashionable festivities in real time? Follow @trendhungryblog on Instagram! See ya there!





Wow looks like this past month was absolutely amazing for you and Trend Hungry!! Congrats on all your success : )


Thx girl!!xo!!

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