By Brooke

No matter what anyone says, there’s always an excuse to dress up for any occasion! Today out of all days is the perfect time to exercise this rule. In case you forgot, today is Election Day! Represent your love for our country and roll up to the polls or any electoral party in style. Rock your favorite patriotic colors – red, white and blue are colors that can be worn year-round and will almost match with anything in your wardrobe. A red blazer is perfect for day or night wear. A pair of blue jeans will work for running errands on the weekends. And your basic white tee? Well, that goes with literally everything.


Think patriotic colors on Election Day is way cliche? Well, Katy Perry doesn’t and neither should you! Over the past week, the diva has been rocking out in election-inspired campaign dresses that have definitely turned heads. If Katy’s not scared to wear her rights than neither should you! Have fun with your outfit and wear red or blue to distinguish which party you’re with or keep things ambiguous with all colors. An American flag accent pin or hair bow will add a fun angle to your outfit or spice things up with a red lip or blue nails with a white french tip.

Afraid you’ll get no wear out of your Election Day outfit? Don’t be silly! There are plenty of patriotic holidays spread throughout the year  – which makes outfit repeats totally fine.

Your opinion counts. Get out there and vote! Make sure to comment and let us know what you rocked to the polls!


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