Call me a weirdo, but I am constantly looking for things that go against the grain. For example, when they said ombre hair was out, I went and got an ombre do.  I want a colored gemstone instead of a diamond for my engagement ring and I like ugly cars better.  The same goes for my personal style too – fringed boots, funky printed blouses, too much jewelry. I just dig being different and standing out. I think that’s why when I saw this Mink Pink dress I freaked out a little bit.

Steal of the week_Nordstrom_Mesh_Bold_Floral Dress_Spring

I mean LOOK AT IT. It’s perfect! I think I would actually hate it if it didn’t have the black mesh overlay. It’s the perfect mix of girly and edgy. It is definitely BOLD and it takes a bold gal to wear it. Would you be up for it?! I think it would be the perfect dress to wear out with your friends on your birthday, to a concert or to brunch at that funky new place down the street. And the shoe possibilities with this frock are literally endless. Versatility is the best.

Not only is the Mink Pink  Secret Garden dress totally different and fabulous for spring, it’s half off at Nordstrom, ringing in at $49.95.

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