Handwarmers are so freaking cute. I’ve been googling them quite often and this particular pair also comes with a Deborah Lippmann nail color to match. Afterall, you nails gotta look good and coordinate. They don’t actually need to coordinate, but if you want them to the search for the matching color is already done for you.


I know I’ve been featuring an overload of sparkle and shine, but it’s the holiday season and those bows are so freakin’ cute! Plus, they are perfect for driving and can go with so many styles of coats.

And did I mention Deborah Lippmann polish retails for around $20.00 normally?!?


Tag: Handwarmer & Nailpolish Set, Was $68.00, Now $49.99 at Juicy Couture.

Take Note: Come in black too, but the polish is the same.

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So cute and a great deal!

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