Yo! There’s a new website on the block and I’m in love. Think of Etsy meets Pinterest. It’s called Threadflip and that’s what ya do … flip your threads, jewelry, shoes, bags, whatever fashionable pieces you got that you’d like to flip forward.

I’ve pretty new to selling my stuff. I’ve gone to places like Plato’s Closet and  made like $2.00 on some good stuff (not cool). Ebay seems intimidating. You have to work really hard to up your rating and wait for bidders. Threadflip is WAY easier. You can make an account using your Facebook info and the whole process was actually fun (for real, like for real FOR REAL).


I grabbed my goods, took pics on my iPhone, hooked my cell up to my computer, and started selling. I’m inviting my friends (you!!!), sharing my loot on Facebook and Twitter and cleaning out my closet while loading up on some Threadflip faves (ppl can ‘like’ merch, recommend to a friend, and even ‘pin’ to their Pinterest account).

Okay, more about me. As a blogger, I shop a lot, get gifted items, and I also live in a one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend (skinny on space, fat on fashions). I do giveaways, but it would be nice to make a few bucks (some of these items have been worn once). So DO check out my closet on Threadflip, DO make an account and sell your swag, and DO comment below!!

Happy shopping & selling!



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Ah, I love this Jessie! I’m excited to make my own. Thanks for sharing your closet 🙂 If I was a size 6 I would get those loafers!


This looks amazing!! I just brought some clothes to Plato’s Closet and a local resale shop a few weeks ago, and I wish I’d known about this then – but I have more things I’m looking to sell! Thanks!


Glad you like! Share your closet w/ me when it’s up! I have much more to sell and am planning on adding to it this weekend 🙂


Something I would love to have is a catalog of every piece of coinhltg that I have, and a way to mix and match them on my computer and them save them as pictures for inspiration. It’s a lot easier then trying to push my way through all my clothes squished in this little dresser provided by my university!

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