I’ve recently been super sick – swollen glands, runny nose and no voice.Tis the season for sniffles. Here are a few fashionable items I currently wish I owned. Stock up so you’ll be comfy when you’re sick.


I actually own flannel sheets, but they were handed down to me. This JCP set is a really good price and I LOVE the turquoise.

Tag: MICRO FLANNEL® Set, Was $80.00 to $140.00 for Queen Set, Now $39.99 t0 $69.99 at JCPenney.

Slipper Softy

Tag: Tamarac Women’s Galaxie Shearling Slipper, $49.95 at Endless.com.

Take Note: Comes in four colors, and the light pink is only $27.47.

Footies P-Jay-Jays!

I know. They’re kind of weird and resemble the “Lazy” that they’re showing on infomercials. But, c’mon, you know you’d want to be bundled in this cute onesie when you’re trapped inside eating chicken noodle soup and watching Netflix.

Tag: Jenni Pajamas, Hooded Footie Onesie, $55.00 at Macy’s.

Take Note: Comes in four patterns.

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