I can get ready pretty quick. A speedy shower (though I prefer long and leisurely ones) followed by a pinch of makeup, and I’m out the door. Perhaps I have it down to a fast formula because I love to procrastinate and wait until the last possible moment to start getting ready, or maybe it’s because I’ve always opted to hit the snooze again, and again. Either way, having a fast-paced primping plan in my arsenal has always come in handy.

Here are five tricks to how I get ready quick.


  1.     Opt for a moisturizing body wash. I hydrate while I wash. I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t use a moisturizing cleanser my skin will be very dry and itch a lot, like an unbearable amount. A little body wash on a wash cloth goes a long way and helps me lather up while crunched for time. Then I don’t have to use body lotion when I emerge (though I like to when there’s time).

Right now, I’m using Olay Body Fresh Outlast Body Wash in Soothing Orchid and Black Currant. I’ve been using Olay body wash for years because it’s so gentle and hydrating. Plus their scents are seriously awesome.

  1.     Don’t wash hair daily, but do use quality hair products. I’m not one to wash my hair every day. I’d say I wash it two-to-three times a week, max. Usually for a rush routine I’ll put my hair in a topknot and just wash my face and body and then dry shampoo my roots afterwards. If my hair is really dirty then a wash has to happen. Healthy hair makes every outfit look better, seriously, so I make sure to use products that make my mane look and feel healthy, shiny, full and strong.

Currently in my shower: Pantene Full and Strong Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are #StrongerTogether – they work to protect my hair while leaving it full of volume and shine.

  1.     Foundation first for a flawless face. Before I dry my hair or put on an outfit I’ll do my base makeup, aka foundation. After applying face moisturizer I add the foundation and then move to the next important task — either hair or outfit. Blush and mascara can be added on the go but foundation is what helps create a flawless canvas.

My foundation this moment is the CoverGirl UltraSmooth Foundation. It goes on so nicely, smoothing down those little face hairs with an awesome applicator. I wish this was out when I first started wearing makeup!

  1.     Half-dry hair from underneath. I have long, thick hair so drying it is not done in a flash, hence why I don’t wash it daily. So when my mane is wet I towel dry it, comb, towel dry again, and then blow dry. All that hot hair isn’t great for hair and can take some time I don’t dry the hair completely through.  Instead I focus on the hair underneath. The top hair will dry fast on its own (my mom will drive to work with the window down to finish dry her hair) so I focus on the bulk of hair underneath.
  1.    Bring makeup for on-the-go additions. I’m either lugging around a big makeup bag (that means I was running really late) or am stuffing a few beauty products in my purse or coat pocket. Then I can swipe on a little rouge or lip color when needed.

Do you have a speedy routine to getting ready? Comment below or on my Instagram. Insta is my favorite form of social media so if you’re an Insta addict join me over there.

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