By Morgan W. 

Why do good girls like bad guys?  It’s probably the same reason why ALL girls like spikes – they’re fun!!! Spikes are daring, sexy,  oh-so dangerous, and they make everything look good.

Bad girls like Rihanna like spikes on motorcycle jackets, cutoff shorts, and even gets her fingernails shaped like spikes.  Divas like Beyoncé wear spikes on heels, which give them an extra pump of edge!  And Taylor Momsen, Fergie, and Nicki Minaj <3 spikes too!


Rihanna Image Via

Spikes even look great on earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  With there being so many ways to rock spikes, there’s no excuse not to try the trend.  Get that celeb look with one of the easiest, yet dangerous accessories that are right at your fingertips. And it’s not too bad on your wallets either.



Hi Jessie, I was in the audience today at the 10 show and I wanted to let you know about It’s more of a fall/winter fashion accessory, and was listed as the fashion “must have” item in January issue of Main Line Magazine. My sister and her business partner, Brandy Lovera, launched it last year. If it’s something you’d like to know more about, contact Kelly Levin at Uwaduhi.

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