Hi Trend Hungry Readers! I’m Megan from TfDiaries, and I’m here today giving tips on the best way to shop the clearance rack and sales. A little bit about me and my blog, TfDiaries.com, shows you that you don’t have to be dressed in designer  to be stylish. Take what you see on the runways and make it work for you and your closet. My site features personal style, trend and beauty reports, DIYS, recipes, and tutorials. With that being said, I’m a girl about shoes and I love a good bargain.

One of the first things my mom taught me was how to shop a sale. Always look at a clearance rack first and foremost because who knows,  you might find something similar on the floor for full price. So since engraving those shopping habits in my head, I’ve found myself stopping over at the racks before branching out on all of my shopping trips, online included. And since we’re talking about sales I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite on sale, lusted-after pieces for fall.


1. Candie’s Shawl Collar White Blazer at Kohl’s$58  $36.99 – White is hot for fall and I’m finally breaking down and getting a white blazer.

2. Fire Dot Palazzo Pants at Alloy, $29.90 $14.99 – The printed, cozy-chic is essential for fall.

3. Maryse By Baker’s Shoes,  $85 $54.99 –  Suede, T-Strap Platform Pump, and perfect for fall with tights, jeans, or dresses!

Here are are a few tips on how to shop a sale…

1. Not All Sales Are Created Equally

Now a days stores and online boutiques alike, run gimmick sales all the time, sometimes even increasing the shipping (if online) after marking down the item. When it comes to shopping certain pieces that can be sold elsewhere, do your research and look for the best price. You might be surprised to find that item you thought you were getting a deal on is actually marked up and may be cheaper elsewhere.

2. Just Because It’s Clearance Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

As a stylist (and blogger) I’ve seen this problem a lot, people see something majorly marked down and buy just because it was cheap or on sale. I had an experience while shoe shopping with my MIL. I picked up a pair of shoes that were $40 and not on sale. She picked up a pair of $150 shoes that were marked down to $90 and, of course, she tried to influence me to buy the more expensive sale pair. I, however, was more interested in the “better” $40 pair. Just because there’s a big red slash on the sticker doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to take it home, unless you really really love it.


 3. Be Weary About Final Sale


Final sale can be either really great or a bout of bad luck. After a few bad experiences from purchasing final-sale items, I’m getting a little more cynical about getting the “deeply marked down,”  no-return items. I mean let’s be real, it’s not going to hurt you if we return them and they weren’t marked down that much. But companies insist on buckling down on the rule, probably because they know you’re going to love it when you try it on (or love the price) and then you get home and hmm, that sure doesn’t fit the same way, and right about then is when you realize you’re stuck with it.


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