Anthropologie – Anthro – too expensive for life. Whatever you want to call it, they’ve got some seriously cute clothes. But most of the time they’re so pricey that window shopping is about as close I’ll get to owning any of their pieces.  Until now! Behold this gorg beaded tunic called the “Glisten Tunic.”

 This color looks good on almost any one and the style is so versatile you could wear it each and every season! I would pair this with a cream blazer in the winter and rock it with some destroyed denim and wedges in the spring. I think that every girl should have at least one sparkly shirt in their closet. Even if you tend to wear earth tones and solids most of the time (like me) there will always be an occasion where a shimmery shirt is necessary. When that time comes, this is the one you want to wear. Colorful, sheer, classy and sparkly – you can’t go wrong! You can grab this tunic over at Anthropologie for only $19.95 which is 85% off the original price. Now isn’t that just music to your ears?

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