Oo-la-la, it’s that time of year. A slew of stores are running their Friends & Family Sales. Some make you actually be friends or family with an employee, but not Kate Spade. They’re letting everyone feel like family and score an additional savings of 30% off your entire purchase and that includes already on-sale items.

Just don’t forget the code at checkout: F14FFUS

This only lasts until Oct. 19th so act quick. It’s an easy way to stock up on holiday gifts for fabulous friends or just for treating yourself (no judgement).

As for the mint mojito bag, take special note on the serious savings you’ll get if you buy before F&F ends. It was originally $248 and after the sale code, you can have your very own Kate Spade cross-body mini (can you tell I’m in love?!?) under $70. Um, now that’s what I call a steal! The price is so good that if you buy this for a friend they’ll be seriously shocked that you got them this and will guess you spent a pretty penny.


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BEDFORD SQUARE PENNINGTON$248.00 $99.00 $69.30, at Kate Spade.





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Wow!!! I’ve never even TOUCHED a Kate Spade bag before, I would love to buy one of these!!!

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