By Alyssa Whitney

I am a firm believer in designer denim. But being the frugal fanny that I am, I don’t think anyone should pay $100+ for said denim. Not only to designer jeans fit better, they also last way longer than those Forever21 $9.90 skinnies. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve purchased my fair share of Forever jeans (read: broke college fashionista) but when you do the math, designer duds are the way to go.

It’s all over the interweb: boyfriend jeans are IN for 2014. Now, whoever decided this deserves a kiss on the face, because what’s better than a pair of loose-fitting, comfortable jeans? I vote nothing. This style of denim is so versatile that you can pair them with anything from a simple white tee to a sequined blazer and pumps. Anything goes, no joke!

And on that note, here is this week’s steal!

These dark-wash boyfriend jeans are made by Level 99. You may have seen this brand on the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr and Rachel Zoe. (If Rachel Zoe is wearing them, then they’ve GOT to be good, right?).

You can snag these for only $53.39, 64% of retail at

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