White denim is one of those things that will never go out of style. Everyone likes to say that you can only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Well, it’s time to throw that rule out the window. Wearing white is always in style – winter, spring, summer and fall. WEAR IT!

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Many trend guides are showcasing white denim from the usually suspects,  Hudson & Citizens of Humanity, ringing in at well over $150 a pop. That just simply does not jive with my frugalista ways and luckily for all of you, I have done some hunting and found some white-denim staples for under $100. Just because you’re paying less doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. For me, splurging on denim is okay as I know they’ll last more than a few seasons,  but realistically I won’t spend over $75 for any one item. So below are some items that are still feel high-end without the high price tag.


White denim is extremely versatile and works on any body type. So what I’m saying here is that you absolutely need to get your hands on some white denim, and pronto, especially at these prices.

My two favorite ways to wear white denim is with neutrals; browns and olives, and monochomatically. I prefer white with earth tones because of my skin tone, but if you’re a gal that looks best in cool tones then pair it up with some aqua blues or even lilac. Or try white on white for a chic, monochrome style. Warning, not all whites go together so make sure your white match to avoid a style collision.

What is your favorite way to wear white denim? Do you wear it year round like me?

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