Show your style everywhere – your business cards, on social media, and don’t forget about snail mail. Send a thank you after an interview, remind your friends that you love them, or simply send to say hello.

I want to up my snail-mail style this year so have enlisted Patricia Maristch from Piqued PR. Patricia knows all about the power of personal touches (just take a look at the Christmas card she sent out this year) and is here to give us a few tips and product picks!  – Jessie

hashtag greeting cards

Classic is always trendy and there’s a certain classic style that comes along with a girl who writes handwritten thank yous and correspondence. Can’t you just picture icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and even Princess Kate seated at a regal desk with a Le Pen in hand writing personal stationary? If you take a second to put down the iMessages and Facebook chats you can channel that same elegance (and put a smile on the recipients face).

Some tips for sending correspondence.

1. You don’t need an excuse to send handwritten correspondence.  Send notes of gratitude, congratulations, or just to say hello.

stylish snail mail

Hello Gorgeous card, eight for $18.00 at Rifle Paper Co. 

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