Hello Stylistas! Do you love your earrings, rings, and sunglasses but are running out of space? Yeah, so was I! Some storage units are so UGLY, sorry but it’s true. Plus, those containers aren’t cheap and often don’t display your precious gems. There are tons of item you already own, so use your imagination and rework what ya got. Here are my stylish-storage tips that anyone can do, no power tools needed.

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1.Repurpose: Picture Frame;  Store: Earrings and necklaces

2.  Repurpose: Boxes and Lid;  Store: Makeup, Jewelry, Scarves, Office Supplies

3. Repurpose: Ice- Cube Tray; Store: Cocktail Rings and Earrings

4. Repurpose: Tiered Plate; Store: Bracelets and Wallets

5. Repurpose: Candle Holders & Glassware;  Store: Makeup Brushes, Jewelry, Beauty            Products

6. Repurpose: Lipstick Holder;  Store: Perfume Samples

7. Repurpose: Wreath Hook;  Store: Belts and Bags

8.  Repurpose: File Holder;  Store: Clothes and Small Bags


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Your way of displaying everyday stuff has a lot of eye-appeal. Thanks for the ideas!


Great storage ideas! I never know what to do with sunglasses and they just lie around the top of my dresser


YOU WIN!!! Email me your address to trendhungry@gmail.com to collect your new clutch!!!
XO, Jessie


I saw this on the 10 Show! So many great ideas! Love that Bag!!!


Cute bag! I love that color!


I just became a mom and caught your segment on the 10 Show. Now that I’m looking to budget, I just love your ideas! Thanks.

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