Good Morning!!! Today I’ll be on NBC10’s The 10! Show sharing my fashion quick fix tips. Theses are perfect for the girl on the go. Sometimes that perfect pair of jeans aren’t so perfect. They’re too big on the waist, too long in length, have a stain … but totally go perfectly with the shirt you’re in the mood to wear. Fear not, there’s a quick fix for that! Tune in at 11am, set your TiVo, or watch online!!! For the 411 on today’s segment scroll down.

P.S. My shirt is from Walmart and rang in a $3.88! I’ll do a post on my outfit later. Thanks for visiting my site!!!!!!!

Quick Sweater Fix –  Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver, $6.00.

Quick Stain FixTide To Go, $7.00 for a pack of three.

Quick Wardrobe-Malfunction FixHollywood Special Occasion Tape, $10.00.

Quick Lint-Freshness FixBounce Lint Roller, $2.00 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but not sold on their site.

Quick Visible-Bra-Strap FixSupportables Tuck Tabs, $4.00.

Fashion Forms Strap Solutions, $8.00.

StrapSecure, $9.95.

Quick Back-Fat FixSupportables Bra Extenders, $5.00.

Quick Baggy-Outfit FixisABelt, $16.95.

What’s your quick fashion fix? Let’s chat! Leave a comment and please SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!



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thank you!!! love the comments and support 🙂

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