Here’s the fashion 411 on spring shoe trends that I talked about on The 10! Show.

Flat Espadrilles: Splurge:  Tory Burch $115. Steal:  H&M $9.95. **Can’t buy H&M online in the US.**

Sparkle-icious Flats: Splurge:  Steve Madden $59.95.  Steal: $24.99 Z London via Payless.

Nudie Shooties: Splurge:  Aldo $100.00.  Steal: $26.99 Fioni for Payless.

Metal Tribe: Splurge: Steve Madden $59.95. Steal: $24.99 Montego Bay Club at Payless.

Color-Floral Wedges: Splurge: Report, $79.95. Steal: $24.99 American Eagle by Payless.

Thanks for tuning in and special thanks to NBC10 for having me!

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