Do you dye your hair? Literally, do YOU dye your hair? If you have, then you KNOW it’s a PAIN! It’s time consuming, messy, and it’s just not easy to do to yourself BY yourself (that’s what she said , sorry jkjk).

Now it’s easier than ever to color your hair at home. Hair color kits have gone foam. Liquid was stone age. Now you just douse your head with hair dye in foam form.

Is this as fabulous as advertised? I took the liberty of testing out on of these foam kits (Nice ‘n Easy), here’s how it scored.

Take Note: I’m a natural dark brunette and dye my hair almost the same shade it is naturally. I’m an old lady and have a few stray grays, so I’m not going for a drastic change. If I was, I’d go to a professional.

Shades: Not enough choices! I went with the darkest brown before black and it came out with too much red undertones. Not overwhelming, just more than I’d like.

Roots: It covered, but not as well as  a regular box kit.

Prep: Easy. It was the same as an old school kit – pour one bottle into another, secure top, shake.

Application: Okay, so here’s where is was a little different. Instead of doing roots, waiting, then covering rest f hair you cover it all at once but are supposed to pay close attention to roots and hair line.

You squeeze the foam in to hand and apply. At first it wasn’t coming out as liquid. After a few squirts and more shaking the consistency became ideal.

Price: Around $10.00, depending on brand.

Clean Up: Far less messy than regular hair dye kits.

Overall opinion: Easier than a regular at-home hair dye kit. Precision isn’t as important in application. If you’re by yourself the foam is a good quick fix on the cheap. I’d rate it an 8. Hey, that’s not so bad for $10.00.

Time for you to weigh in. Have you tried a foam hair dye? Tell your tale by leaving a comment or writing on the Trend Hungry Facebook page!

Oh P.S. A Trend Hungry fave is now a brand ambassador for Clairol. She’s beauty babe that vid blogs and she’s Lauren Luke. Check her out!

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